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13 Jun 2015 5:31 AM | Anonymous

Fundamentally, AgroBiz® ensures the availability and predictability of food and sustainability over the long term. The vital importance of food to physical, economic and cultural development, together with the importance of efficient, sustainable production makes agriculture crucial:

1. Global food industry needs technology.

2. Consumers deserve the widest possible variety of safe and affordable food choices

3. Food production system can mitigate the food economics challenge and achieve an ―ultimate WIN/WIN!

4. Improving the affordability of food by using new and existing technologies and optimal productivity practices.

5. Increasing the food supply by instituting a vastly improved degree of cooperation across the entire global food chain.

6. Ensuring food safety with a combination of technology and high quality standards and systems, coupled with a greater measure of worldwide collaboration.

7. Increasing sustainability through a highly productive and efficient system that simultaneously protects the environment by means of sensitive and efficient use of natural resources.

8. Producing more biofuels to reduce dependence on fossil fuels while creating no negative effect on global food supplies.

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