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Floods and Agriculture

29 Aug 2017 4:28 PM | Anonymous


Our thoughts on impact to flooded areas

Hurricanes, monsoon rains with mudslides, snow melt, tidal waves or collapsed dams all trigger floods that affect millions of people each year. The devastation is often widespread, from loss of life, property and infrastructure to food insecurity and disease. Floods are particularly disastrous for the world’s poor, the majority of whom live in both in rural and urban areas and rely on agriculture for their food and income.

August 14, 2017  Freetown (capitol), Sierra Leone Flood & Mudslide   

Many struggle to replace what was lost or damaged.  Often seeds, tools, livestock, animal feed or fishing gear and not top priority in basic survival. Stagnant waters often render crop land useless, and make it difficult to maintain livestock, which, without proper shelter, veterinary care or adequate feed, easily fall prey to disease or starvation. Floodwaters also pose a threat to food safety and public health – through spoilt food stocks and contaminated water supplies.  Please keep the recent flooded areas of Freetown, Sierra Leone & USA, Texas in your thoughts and prayers. 

Think about this---forging forward and bringing AgroBiz programs to displaced communities from the aftermath of floods.

August 28, 2017 Houston, Texas USA

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