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AgroBiz.org is rebranding our Signature Event & Facebook pages to AgroBiz World!

03 Jul 2019 2:47 PM | Anonymous

Guess what?  We are rebranding our Facebook & Social Media  to reflect on world @AgroBizWorld.  AgroBiz.org is changing our signature events pages on Facebook from the African Powerful Partnership Awards  aka  Top Ten African Awards Gala 

our upcoming event

....to AgroBiz World.  The rebrand or merge of our Agro Biz page and www.facebook.com/africanppa page will reflect all thing AgroBiz is associated with including entrepreneurship, agriculture, sustainable development goals, activities and our signature events.  Remember to find us at #AgroBizWorld  or @AgroBizWorld.  on all social media.  Stay tune for the merge and thank you for your support.

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