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22 Apr 2020 12:32 AM | Anonymous

AgroBiz recognizes Earth Day, April 22, 2020. Understanding the two crises:  Immediate pandemic of COVID-19 and the approaching disaster for our climate; threatening global food systems.  We encourage our partners to rise up and do something about both challenges. The world was not prepared for a Coronavirus. Some leaders ignored hard science evidence and delayed critical actions. We still have time to prepare in every part of the world for the climate crisis that will forever change agriculture.  Equally, reflecting on Earth Day, we must act together worldwide with farmers and farming communities to offset the looming food shortages post pandemic COVID-19.  

Today is important for all global citizens, we cannot patent nature or life nonetheless; investing in both local and global food systems is an imminent start to contributing to the threatened total food supplies and increased quantities of compromising GMO’s in food.  What is GMO’s? Genetically Modified Organism – hence the acronym GMO.  GMOs either function as pesticide producers or herbicide resistors, the organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. We cannot shop our way into a sustainable future, we must be participatory in shaping our society. Running from GMO’s, toxic chemicals, patented seeds, monopoly and exploitation in industrialized agriculture and running to rural regions, local or statewide sections, farmer’s markets, community development and sustainable small-scale producers as the formulation for success.  

There is no planet B option, we must ignite the conversation and implementation to learn more, do more, connect more and grow more – toward food assess, food availability, food utilization, and economic sustainability.  Now, is the time on this Earth Day to be proactive with your village, municipality, state or federal government with adaptive farming strategies for food security. Let’s create  solutions for transitory and chronic food insecurity before it becomes the next pandemic to our agricultural infrastructure. Likewise, AgroBiz.org is help for today and hope for tomorrow, our programs teach how food is BEST closest to its source – locally, regionally and nationally. We provide organizing principles in adaptive farming for agriculture stability for the globe, inclusive of the ecology, economics, and culture.  For more information on upcoming post-pandemic programs including agronomy, apiculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, vermiculture, seed saving, two hectare harvesting, crop or meat production, agriculture expansion and much more please contact AgroBiz at info@agrobiz.org or visit www.agrobiz.org. 

Happy Earth Day 2020!

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