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43% of Agriculture labor force in developing countries  are women.

85% of small holders farmer have less than 2 hectres of land

Average person is 1 to 3 generations from farming families

floods & agriculture

DID YOU KNOW? Hurricanes, monsoon rains with mudslides, snow melt, tidal waves or collapsed dams all trigger floods that affect millions of people each year. The devastation is often widespread, from loss of life, property and infrastructure to food insecurity and disease. READ MORE

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Our program visits land-grant universities in the United States. The universities are committed in improving the standard of living of farmers through teaching, research, and extension serving the needs of non-served and under-served, limited-resource farmers and rural agribusiness throughout the world. The Agricultural Program is designed to offer knowledge and technology transfer, provide solutions confronting agricultural productivity and profitability and is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


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